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2-PORT SERIAL/RS232/DB9 Pci Card For Lenovo Computer

2-PORT SERIAL/RS232/DB9 Pci Card4 Star Rating
2PORT SERIALRS232DB9 Pci Card By Cellularfactory The Highest Quality Serial Port Improvement

Looking to purchase serial port? The 2-PORT SERIAL/RS232/DB9 is a brilliant serial port for the system! Considering the actual features for the serial port you may need, besides the attributes and additional requirements, you can be assured that you get what you require and need. Why purchase options you don't need? Quite a few suppliers that produce serial ports, with those models offering different prices along with craftsmanship. When you find yourself getting a serial port device, get a guarantee. A modest amount of research goes quite a distance and with this you'll be able to confidently buy stuff that you want. Shopping for 2-PORT SERIAL/RS232/DB9.

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Publisher: CellularFactory
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Full Description

2-Port Serial/RS232/DB9 PCI Card for Lenovo computer. Compatible with standard 16C550 UART with 16 byte transmit-receive FIFO. DB9 serial port connector x 2. Pin header serial port connector x 2. Supports PCI IRQ sharing. Model Chipset:NM9865. 0, Linux, DOS. Features:Plug and Play - Automatically selects IRQ and I/O address. Included:1 x PCI to Serial 2-port Controller Card. 1 compliant. Specification:PCI Specification Revision 2. 1 x User manual. 1 x Software CD driver. Brief:PCI to Serial 2-port Controller Card based on NM9865. Quickly information rates up to 1 Mbytes/sec. System Requirement:PC pc with one 32-bit PCI slot. MS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/NT4. Compatible With Lenovo Idea Centre Q180 Think Centre M51 Think Centre M58 Think Centre M55 Think Centre M81 Think Centre M58p Think Centre M91p Think Centre A60 Think Centre M52 Think Centre M91 3000 H210 Idea Centre Q150 Think Centre M57 Think Centre M51e Idea Centre k230 Idea Centre k210 Think Centre S51 3000 J100 Think Centre A55 3000 S205 Think Centre M57p Think Centre A50 Think Centre M55p Idea Centre K320 Idea Centre k220 3000 K100 Think Centre A57 Think Centre A51 Think Centre M90 Think Station E30 Think Centre A52 3000 J105 Think Centre S50 Think Centre A61 Think Centre M70e Think Centre M50 Think Centre E50 3000 S200 Think Centre A51P Think Centre M57e Idea Centre k200 Think Centre A35 Think Centre M75e 3000 J205 3000 J200 Think Centre A30 Think Centre A50P Think Centre A57e Think Centre A62 3000 J200P 3000 J110 Think Centre M52e Think Centre M50e


  • Quantity: 1

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