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Star Tech Io Card PEX4S553 4-PORT Native Pci Express RS232 Serial Card With 16550 Uart

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StarIo Card PEX4S553 4PORT Native Pci


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Wanting to buy serial ports for your computer? See the StarIo Card PEX4S553 4-PORT Native Pci, a great serial port manufactured by One of the several key features for this product is the star tech io card pex4s553 4-port native pci express rs232 serial card with 16550 uart. Additional features include things like new - retail, 1-year warranty and startech. com pex4s553. The serial port device weighs close to 2 lbs. Best price StarIo Card PEX4S553 4-PORT Native Pci, select the hyperlink below.

The PEX4S553 4-Port Native PCI Express RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16550 UART lets you add 4 RS232 (DB9) serial ports, generating use of a single PCI Express expansion slot. Based on a native single-chip design, this 4-port serial adapter card allows you to harness the full capability offered by PCI Express (PCIe) , while lowering the load applied for the CPU by as a lot as 48% over conventional bridge-chip serial cards. The RS232 Serial Adapter Card includes 4 half-height/low-profile brackets, allowing the card to develop to be installed into almost any PC case, regardless of form factor.


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